Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My First Channel IQ Podcast

I just completed my first podcast for Channel IQ this morning, with host Anthony Capozzoli.  The show is called "Add To Cart | Blog Talk Radio Feed", and you can subscribe for FREE on iTunes.  It was about a 25 minute conversation, and it will appear there very soon.

While I love writing, those that know me well know that I love to talk even more.  I've been accused of being able to talk perpetually by speaking with both breathing out and breathing in.  This format allows for us to have a natural conversation about the seemingly endless topics that surround Brand Protection and Minimum Advertised Price policies.  Fortunately, Anthony is an excellent host that can keep me from going on forever on these topics in one sitting!

The conversation was held over Skype, and I used a Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones to connect to my iMac for my audio.  I was quite pleased with the sound quality - crystal clear.  A couple times, I did have the infamous echo that gave me back my own words in a whisper of an echo.  While this can be disorienting at first, I've learned over the years to "play through", as the other person (and in this case, the audience) can't hear what I am hearing.

I think what I enjoy most about this format is the open flow of conversation.  Brand Protection is such a rich topic, that intertwines so many disciplines, strategies, and points of view, that while some of the same topics can come up frequently, the context changes when the needs of the three primary player groups are considered - Marketplaces, Manufacturers, and Retailers/Distributors.

And, because the strategic landscape is forever changing, the conversation may never stop!

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