Sponsored by Senator Kohl (D-WI), Senate Bill 148 is called the Discount Pricing Consumer Protection Act.  It aims to reverse the 2007 Leegan Decision (5-4 vote) by the US Supreme Court to essentially make vertical price fixing legal.

Track Senate Bill 148 here:

While the Senator's office, and a quick read of the bill clearly points to the fact that they want to simply roll back the ability for a manufacturer to control the price that their retailers SELL a product (not advertise it's price), many, including Amazon, portray this as a bill that will make MAP programs illegal.

House Resolution 3190 is sponsored by Rep. Henry Johnson (D-GA4), and is not different to the Senate Bill.

Track House Resolution 3190 here:

After speaking with Seth at Senator Kohl's Office in August of 2009, it was fairly obvious that those whose interest lies in preserving MAP programs for the health of US Manufacturing companies and jobs have not been reaching out to this office.  At that time, the only person who had contacted them in FAVOR of MAP programs was me.

While neither legislation actually affects MAP programs per se, they convey to the general public the attitude that they are illegal or should be illegal.  It is my opinion that the legislation should be explicit about how this leaves intact the legality of MAP programs, and the monitoring and enforcement activities related to these programs.